Sunday, February 23, 2014

CTA Region 3 Conference

It was exciting this weekend to spend it at the Region 3 CTA conference. More so since it's my region for CTA and I saw many familiar faces. The was a few people from my local, the Montebello Teachers Association. On Saturday, I presented with Norma Sanchez, in her workshop, Common Core and Literacy Strategies. Although, I have done this workshop with her a few times, it always seems new to me. Since, the teachers that attend and participate always have different questions and approach to the strategies we present. I always learn something new that I can bring back to the district's Cafe workshops or to my school site. 

The second workshop I did was especially important to me. It was the presentation of my Teacher Leadership Project with my Region 3 Cohort. The workshops title was "Teacher Leadership: Taking the Lead in Implementing the Common Core and New Initiatives."
I am so honored to have presented with these ladies. They truly are the definition of what teacher leadership should look like. Their projects are as diverse as our personalities. However, they are meaningful and they are what really drives instruction in the classroom and what makes teaching at any level an art. 
From left to right, Monica Cooper, Barbara Ransom, Adriana Perez, Tina Gruen,
Gabriela Orozco Gonzalez, Ashley Cooper.  
Check out one of the participants blog, Barbara Ransom:

The blog is focused on best practices while they transition into teaching the Common Core Algebra 1 standards.

On Sunday, the third workshop I presented, "Common Core and the New English Language Development Standards" was fantastic. The participants were engaged and had great questions. 

Click HERE to be able to access my PowerPoint. 

I covered the demands of the NEW English Language Development Standards.

Key Shifts:

and the PLDs

and of course… provided TONS of ideas and strategies! I added them to the TAB above labeled CCSS Resources, scroll down until you see the ELD links I provided. There must be over 25 resources I collected. 

Right now, I am loving this one:
I use it specifically for finding reading passages I can use in my classroom: 

Resources for your classroom, that I discussed today: 

You can find the ELD Standards in the link below: 

More Resources:

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