Monday, August 3, 2015

ELA/ELD Performance Tasks: Connections to Instructional Shifts for ELA and ELD

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Integrated ELD
Integrated ELD will occur throughout the day and across all content areas.  Teachers will use the CA ELD standards “in tandem with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and other content standards to support their ELs to learn rich content and develop advanced levels of English” (Source: CDE Framework Ch 2 P 90). 

Effective instructional experiences for ELs throughout the day and across the disciplines:
  • Are interactive and engaging, meaningful and relevant, and intellectually rich and challenging
  • Are appropriately scaffolded in order to provide strategic support that moves learners toward independence
  • Build both content knowledge and academic English
  • Value and build on primary language and culture and other forms of prior knowledge

(Source: Anstrom, and others 2010; August and Shanahan 2006; Francis, and others 2006; Genesee, and others 2006; Short and Fitzsimmons 2007)

Additional Resources for planning performance tasks with an English Language Arts Development component: 

Grade Specific Resources with Sample Texts

California ELA/ELD Frameworks
ELD Resources Page - This link will provide you with the additional links to resources such as videos, model units, sample lessons, etc. which are published on the CDE website.
California ELD Standards  - Use this link to find resources specific to English Language Development and grade level.

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