Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 3 of the CTA Good Teaching Conference

It’s been quite the adventure this weekend being part of the Good Teaching Conference in San Jose. Last month, Norma Sanchez, our Region 3 mentor from the CTA Department for Instruction and Professional Development asked me to co-present with her at the conference. I was a bit nervous since it was going to be the first time presenting together and in such a large forum. I was delighted to have a fellow CTA cohort colleague, Monica Cooper, be part of our team. We presented on Friday and Saturday. 
In the sessions we presented, participants engaged with colleagues as they examined the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts for grades K-5 and explored how the new standards will impact instruction. Session topics included:
  • Literacy Instructional Strategies
  • Text Complexity and Informational texts
  • Lesson and Unit Design
We were ecstatic to receive positive comments from the teachers that attended.
Here is a link to our Prezi and the resources we provided:

The closing comments on my last day at the conference were by CTA Secretary-Treasurer Mikki Cichocki-Semo. I immediately connected with her, since we share a love for sports and she quoted one of my favorite baseball catchers, Yogi Berra. The overall message was that as teachers we are constantly being pulled in so many directions and rarely given the time to collectively reflect on our craft and tailor our classroom curriculum for our diverse students. It’s about collaboration, teamwork, and taking the initiative.

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