The Common Core Café's Project Summary

The Common Core Café’s purpose is to guarantee that all students receive a content-rich education in the full range of the liberal arts and sciences, including English, mathematics, history, the arts, science, and foreign languages. The Common Core Café’s team members will work with teachers to create instructional materials, conduct research, and promote policies that support a comprehensive and high-quality education in Montebello Unified School District. We will accomplish this by using cutting-edge, research-based and technological practices in a strong, proactive partnership with MUSD administrators, MTA, and CTA ensuring a continuum of best practices to enhance the classroom instruction.
The Café’s foundation will also build on the MUSD’s recently adopted Comprehensive Learning Framework whose purpose is also to “…better anchor, monitor, and to celebrate the work of every individual, division and organization throughout the MUSD.” There are two key strategies aligned to both initiatives that will assist in having successful outcomes: 1) effective implementation and utilization of data to drive student and teacher success, and 2) MUSD key stakeholder and teacher involvement through project engagement will increase the parameters of success.
•TheThThe project’s plan includes integrating technology across the curriculum that will help us meet the requirements of the Montebello Unified School District 2010-2015 District Technology Plan and the U.S. Department of Education Goals 2013- 2014 Plan.

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