Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oxnard CTA Common Core Seminar

Today I am presenting at the last of the CTA Common Core Seminar series. It could not have been a better location! We are right on the beach and it’s a beautiful day!

The two workshops I am presenting today are:

Session 1 -
K-5: ELA Common Core Instructional Strategies
With Monica Cooper and Norma Sanchez

Here is a link to our Prezi and the resources we provided:

Session 2 –

K-8: Linking Standards, Assessments, and Instruction for Mathematics

Math Performance Task Planner: click HERE

Problem Solving Sheet: Upper Grades

Problem Solving Sheet: Primary


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Suggested Lessons on Video for Math: 
Multiplying Whole Numbers & Fractions 
Grades 3-5 / Math / Reasoning
CCSS: Math.4.NF.B.4b Math.Practice.MP2 Math.Practice.MP3

Math Warm-up Video: 
My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes

Common Core Standards: Math.MP.6

I originally saw this video at my friend's presentation at the CTA Good Teaching Conference - South in Anaheim, CA
Her name is Barbara and she has a blog on Math Lesson Study:

Questions to Consider after watching this video:

How does this strategy allow for immediate re-teaching?
What criteria does Ms. Alcala use to pick her favorite no?
How does Ms. Alcala use assessment data to inform her teaching?
Word wall, warm up board and more

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