Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stockton - Common Core Seminar: Linking Standards, Assessments, and Instruction for Mathematics

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Presentation Slides for Today

Performance Task Planner: click HERE

Formative Instructional and Assessment Tasks
for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

When teachers understand what students know and can do, and then use that knowledge to make more effective instructional decisions, the net result is greater learning for students and a greater sense of satisfaction for teachers.
Bright and Joyner (2005)

The following resources are from the Public Schools of North Carolina's website: 

Click on the grade level link to find more Math Performance Tasks: 

Math Stars

The purpose of Math Stars is to challenge students beyond the classroom setting. Good problems can inspire curiosity about number relationships and geometric properties. It is hoped that in accepting the challenge of mathematical problem solving, students, their parents, and their teachers will be led to explore new mathematical horizons. Math Stars are in sets for Grades 1-8 and include commentaries for teachers. All Math Stars Newsletters are ready for classroom use and available for downloading as PDF files. Click on the grade level below to download the file. 

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Mathematics Vocabulary
A key instructional mathematical practice is that students make use of precise and academic language as they discuss math. The following word cards can be used to create a math word wall in your classroom.


    DetailsDownload12 KB

    DetailsDownload855 KB

Grade 1

    DetailsDownload16 KB

    DetailsDownload3 MB

    DetailsDownload458 KB
Grade 2

    DetailsDownload22 KB

    DetailsDownload1 MB

    DetailsDownload782 KB

Grade 3

    DetailsDownload22 KB

    DetailsDownload1 MB

    DetailsDownload758 KB

Grade 4
    DetailsDownload25 KB
    DetailsDownload1 MB
    DetailsDownload1 MB
Grade 5

    DetailsDownload10 KB

    DetailsDownload765 KB

    DetailsDownload640 KB

Math Unpacking Standards

The state of North Carolina has done an excellent job in unpacking the math standards. Click on the link below to download the PDF for your grade level.

(pdf, 6.8mb)
1st Grade
(pdf, 11.3mb)
2nd Grade
(pdf, 1.1mb)
3rd Grade 
(pdf, 5.4mb)
4th Grade
(pdf, 8.5mb)
5th Grade Math
(pdf, 4.4mb)
6th Grade
(pdf, 2.1mb)
7th Grade 
(pdf, 909kb)
8th Grade
(pdf, 1.9mb)
(pdf, 229kb)
(pdf, 260kb)
(pdf, 224kb)
Number and Quantity
(pdf, 294kb)
Statistics and Probability 
(pdf, 181kb)

More Math Resources by Grade Level: 

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