Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thinking of Common Core Unit/Lesson Planning this Summer, but overwhelmed on where to begin?

Are you inundated with all the material and resources out there and don’t know where to begin looking? Last year, when my school district began to implement its first full year of Common Core, I found myself shifting through hundreds of websites and educational literature, searching for the most useful planners, templates, and guides to help my guide curriculum planning. It was through this research that I complied and created the documentation in my Common Core group at the NEA Professional Practice Communities.

I have uploaded over 30 documents in the “Group Files” section that will help begin the planning and guide you through the process of developing your own CCSS units, lessons, and strategies to not only teach a standards based education, but prepare rigorous classroom instruction for your students. 

The Professional Practice Communities has many components: 

1. Collaborate on professional issues
2. Search for resources to enhance lessons plans and share ideas
3. Read educational blogs and up-to-date educational news
4. Share your opinions through a feature called Today’s Poll
5. Explore Practical Tools provided by NEA and other partners
6. Join events of interest that are announced via the Professional Practice Communities, i.e., webinars, podcasts, etc.

This is what you will find in my Common Core Group:  
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What is this?
The NEA Professional Practice Communities, a place where teachers, parents, school support and administration professionals, and community members share ideas and resources to improve student success. It is free and open to all!

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