Close Reading - Cafe Session 2

We have a full house today of teachers K-12 grade attending the Close Reading session. We are going to focus on: 

  • How to select a balance of texts that prepare students to read challenging fiction and non-fiction at their level
  • How to teach students to read texts above their “comfort zone”
  • Learn to write text-dependent questions for both narrative and expository genres, and how to provide entry-points for all children through visual media, and annotation
  • How to incorporate writing as part of a rigorous close read
To access our slides for today, please click HERE.

The following slide shows the strategies that we will cover today in our session: 

In our session, teachers discussed the "close reading" or reading comprehension strategy they currently use in the classroom. We wanted to encourage teachers to collaborate in a professional learning community environment.

Angelica Paz sharing her double-entry journal strategy.

Teachers are engaged in their learning and reviewing our provided strategies.
David Keys sharing his High School "Close Reading" strategy, which was "Read like a Historian" taken from the Stanford University Website.

Click HERE to a previous post on just "Close Reading" for more resources and examples.

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