Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Learning from the Field Conference

Listening to all the great educators across the state of California share their stories of success and tribulations in delivering meaningful professional development workshops. The Instructional Leadership Corps is a collaborative project with the California Teacher Association, National Board Certified Teachers, and Stanford University. The purpose of this project is to build teacher leadership, develop purposeful professional development using the Common Core State Standards, and guiding the participants (Teacher Leaders) as they deliver it to teachers in their districts. Teacher-led workshops are the most profound method to guide educators in the classroom, since we are the experts on the field constructing curriculum and units of study using CCSS.

My presentation for today is:
Selecting and Using Resources for Advancing and Understanding of ELA and ELD Common Core Standards

Please click HERE to access today's slides 
Handouts for today's presentation: 

These are our Learning Goals:
  • Become familiar with the demands of the new ELD Standards and see the connections to the ELA CCSS
  • Structure a Performance Task for K-12
  • Technology Resources for deeper learning to enhance lessons


CTA IPD Website

Literacy Design Collaborative

Understanding Language

Use Better Lesson to browse thousands of rich Math and ELA lessons from high-performing Master Teachers. 

Also, navigate through my blog's tabs to see more links and examples of tasks I have posted in the past. I also have tons on links to take you to other resources on the performance task tab.
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