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Project-Based Learning & Project G.L.A.D.

Project Based Learning
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As we witness more and more technological advances that are engaging students outside of the classroom, teachers must alter the way they use projects. Mundane projects that are strictly assessed but do not provide any real-world applications are stunting the growth and creativity of students. Any assignment that excites children will create a positive, proactive environment and be memorable for all involved. The PBL approach is a great way to start incorporating more engaging projects in any classroom for an innovative shift. Along with the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and math, 21st century skills such as teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, and utilizing high tech tools are critical components of supporting students as they become more responsible for their own learning.

My goal for this school year is to incorporate much more project based learning (PBL) into my teaching approach. I want students to use their language skills and find their own meaningful connections to real life problems that are of interest to them. I'll use this post to put up links to sites I find useful and I'm using with my students as well as links that may be helpful to teachers who are also interested in implementing PBL.
Video on PBL (Buck Institute for Education)
Introduction to Project Based Learning Video

RESOURCES to help you learn more about PBL:

Buck Institute for Education
The Buck Institute for Education (BIE) is dedicated to improving 21st Century teaching and learning throughout the world by creating and disseminating products, practices and knowledge for effective Project Based Learning (PBL).

The George Lucas Educational Foundations’ Edutopia site has videos and real-life examples around PBL.

CALPER's Project WorkWebsite has been created for teachers who are interested in exploring ways of working with projects in intermediate and advanced language courses. It contains background information, suggestions of how to plan projects, and stories by teachers who are experienced in conducting projects.

PBL-Online is an online laboratory for developing and sharing PB66L resources and project ideas.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy:


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Make a Movie, Video or Cartoons
: Here's an easy tutorial for Moviemaker

Make a storybook or comic book

Make a Brochure

Make a set of Posters

What is Project G.L.A.D.?  
(Guided Language Acquisition Design) 
Overview and Description:
  • GLAD is a model of respect for diversity not only in language and ethnicity, but, also, in thinking, learning, and personal experiences. It provides support for teachers and students alike to face change effectively and confidently.
  • GLAD promotes a classroom environment that values the student, provides authentic opportunities for use of academic language, maintains highest standards and expectations for all students, and fosters voice and identity.
  • In the GLAD model both languages complement each other through integrated themes.
  • In GLAD the amount of oral language used to negotiate for meaning and cross-cultural interaction is extensive.
The GLAD model promotes English language acquisition, academic achievement, use of metacognition and higher order thinking skills as well as cross-cultural respect and sensitivity.

Project G.L.A.D Resources:
This website gives you an overview of project GLAD and curriculum units.

Offers many complete units and links to resources helpful to designing and implementing GLAD.

Very large collection of GLAD chants for grades K-8th. Many content topics and some chants are in Spanish as well

An amazing collection of chants in every subject area.

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